Osteria La Marlera
pampers you with taste

After having spent a pleasant day outdoors, there's nothing better than devote yourself to the pleasures of the palate. If you'd like to taste the delicious specialities of our land at a reasonable price, then you must stop at Osteria La Marlera, where Vittorio and Mariangela will delight you with the best Barbera and the delicious seasonal meals of the Piedmontese cuisine.

Our eating well philosophy

Osteria La Marlera has a good philosophy: it combines the eating well pleasure with a careful and kind hospitality. Vittorio and Mariangela's recipes are the result of years of homemade cooking, and they carry with them all the flavours of the experience handed down by their parents. Obviously some variations have been made, but always honouring the traditions of Monferrato.

Osteria La Marlera:
all the flavour
of our land
La famiglia Lacqua