In the heart of Mombaruzzo there's a special place where you can live some true relaxing moments: La Marlera, whose name comes from the homonymous village, grew out of an ancient farmstead with barn, and we kept its original features.
Here you can breath fresh air, feel the atmosphere of a thousand years ago and taste the delicious local products. You can visit the old factory of the Moriondo Carlo amaretti and the wine cellars.
Come to visit us, La Marlera is the ideal destination to everyone willing to immerse into a green serenity and to taste flavours of other times.

La Marlera: An oasis of peace and tranquillity

If you want to pamper your palate, then you should absolutely stop at Osteria La Marlera, where Vittorio and Mariangela will delight you with the best Barbera and the delicious seasonal meals of the Piedmontese cuisine. And between a taste and the other you can go for relaxing walks through the wonderful woods that surround the village.

La Marlera Osteria
tel +39 338.4442560

La Marlera Holiday Home is a homely complex of four mini-apartments, conceived and realized by the Lacquas, a family who's always been dealing with the production of the amaretti. Hence the idea of calling the apartments with the name of the four ingredients of these special sweets: Zucchero (Sugar), Armellina (Apricot kernel), Mandorla (Almond) and Albume (Egg White). All well-appointed and comfortable, they're provided with bedroom, bathroom and indipendent kitchen.

La Marlera Casa Vacanza
tel +39 338.3776365
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